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The Ultimate in Leaf Gutter Protection

Gutter Cleaning Is Not Worth The Risk

Gutter cleaning is among one of the most dangerous and dirty tasks to do around the home, yet if not done on a regular basis can lead to rotting wood, foundation issues, and water infiltration into your home. Valor Gutter Guards patented system keeps your gutter system clean for life so you don't have to... Guaranteed! Providing year round protection from leaves, seeds, pine needles... even shingle sand!


Our Award-Winning Gutter Guard:

  • Eliminates risky gutter cleaning
  • Protects Your greatest investment
  • Prevents costly water damage
  • Gives peace of mind 365 days a year
  • Increases your homes value
  • Eliminates clogged gutters

Why Valor is #1

As the #1 Rated Gutter Guard In 2019, Valor Gutter Guard utilizes a patented elevated micro-mesh design. This cutting edge design enables Valor to capture substantially more water than its micro mesh counterparts and also elevates debris which enhances its Self-Cleaning technology. Get Valor leafguard gutter covers and eliminate gutter cleaning once and for all!

  • #1 Rated Gutter Guard (2019)
  • Patented "S" curve design
  • Professionally Installed
  • Tough, high quality materials
  • Fits on new or existing gutters
  • Accepts any downpour

Lifetime Warranty

With our Lifetime, Transferable Warranty you will have the peace of mind knowing your gutters will never clog and are protected for life!

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