5 Problems Impacting Your Gutters' Efficiency

Maintaining your house’s gutters is as critical as other forms of regular maintenance and should not be ignored or put off. Gutters are an important defense mechanism against the elements and prevent damage to your home, but they can face certain difficulties throughout the year that impact their durability. In order to make your gutters work as efficiently as possible, our experts at Gutter Filters Of Utah are giving you a heads-up on some common issues that could be affecting this area of your home.

A man takes leaves out of gutters.

Clogged, Uncleaned Gutters

Perhaps the most common image that comes to mind when you think of gutters are leaves, twigs, and other debris preventing proper drainage. When fall comes around and the leaves start to fall, having these natural materials fill up your gutters prevents them from working at their optimal capacity. The best solution is to prioritize cleaning them out regularly or to invest in high quality Valor Gutter Guards that stop anything unwanted from falling into them.

A gutter system broken and covered in ice.

Damage From Heavy Rain & Snow

Speaking of the elements, the weather can become quite severe in certain areas of the country and across Utah. From heavy rain storms to freezing , icy temperatures, both can have a significant effect on how well your gutters function. Not only can the force of falling droplets and freezing icicles cause the entire system to develop breakage, but it can also cause poor future drainage if not remedied. However, our Valor Gutter Guards add an extra level of protection to your home’s gutters to avoid this from happening year after year.

A rotting, sagging gutter system.

Sagging Caused By Debris

If you as a homeowner do not clean out your gutter regularly, then it’s possible for the gathering debris, rot, moss and other materials to add extra weight onto the whole system. This weight causes the gutter to sag and not work as efficiently as possible. Recurring severe weather can also cause this problem no matter how often gutters are maintained. Installing gutter guards prevents this issue from occurring and removes a factor that can be causing the sagging. It’s also a good idea to tighten the screws of your gutters to make sure there are no loose hangers or hangers that are too far apart.

A home’s gutter downspout.

Blocked Downspouts

The downspout is what transports the water gathered in your gutters down to the ground, allowing it to flow away from your roof without causing damage. However, if there is anything blocking this downspout — either at the top of the roof or at the ground level — this prevents proper drainage from the gutters and can cause structural damage to the gutters themselves. Always make sure there is no blockage in order to prolong the life of your house’s gutter system.

A man fixes a home’s gutter system.

Corrosion On Gutters

If you have metal gutters on your house, then it’s possible for corrosion to appear due to time and exposure to the outside. If left unaddressed, this issue can spread and eventually impact the structural integrity of the entire system — this is because the corrosion makes the gutters more fragile; this can also spread and become a much larger issue affecting several areas of the entire system. If you have any doubts, or are noticing your gutters working differently than normal, take a look to see if this is the case.

Gutter Filters Of Utah is dedicated to helping homeowners across the state prolong the life of their gutters and protect their property from unnecessary damage. Our Valor Gutter Guards are an affordable, effective, and easy solution to ensure your gutters continue working properly for years to come. Learn more about how we can help you today!