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Even though gutters only make up a small part of your home, they play a big role in preventing major problems from occurring. Keeping them clean is not simply a matter of keeping them looking good — not even close. Far more important is that proactively keeping your gutters clean can help you avoid problems such as:

  • Overflowing gutter

  • Water damage to your home

  • Rust and leaks

  • Pest problems

  • Ice dam formation

Keeping your seamless gutters clean doesn’t have to involve you getting on a ladder twice a year and pulling out leaves and other debris. A much easier (and safer) solution is to get a high-quality gutter guard system, such as Valor® Gutter Guards. Gutter Filters of Utah chooses to install Valor® Gutter Guards for a number of reasons for our Salt Lake City, Provo, and Ogden customers. The patented S-shaped design helps water drain more effectively, the quality and value is...


Not only do gutter guards help keep your gutters look neat and tidy, they also have some other far-reaching advantages worth knowing about. Many homeowners considering getting gutter guards start out not knowing the whole picture. Today’s guide covers the key benefits of getting gutter guards installed on your home from the perspective of a team of gutter guard installation professionals right here in your local Salt Lake City region.

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Keep your gutters clean this fall and winter:

It’s Halloween, so what’s scarier than tons of rain and sub-hurricane force winds? The forecast is set, and mother nature has already begun to unleash her fury in Northeast Ohio. Who knows if the kids will even get to trick-or-treat tonight with the inclement weather? But again, it’s Halloween. Statistically, there is always a 66% chance the weather will be nasty this night of the year.

So, while you are battening up the proverbial hatches and securing loose objects in your yard, think about two ways that you can protect your home this fall from damage inside and out.